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About Us

Our Story

My cherished childhood memories are the sound of wooden weaving mills and the scent of new silk from my father’s kimono silk factory in Kyoto. I’m now so pleased to have the opportunity to share some of the treasures of my homeland with you. I truly hope that our unique products will evoke for you some sense of my Old Kyoto. Please enjoy our website.

Hikari Tanabe

With the greatest of sadness I have to tell you that our very beautiful Hikari (means “light”) lost her brave battle with cancer on March 11 – 2020 just 4 days short of her 60th birthday. It is my intention to carry on and build upon the wonderful business she began. Her most loving husband Lee.

Our beautiful Samurai dancer has finished her fight. Though great strength in those tiny arms was finally spent, her brave spirit shines bright in our hearts lighting love without end.

Lee Westhoff – For my wife and my “light” Hikari.