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Kids Boys Japanese Cotton ‘Dragon’ Jinbei Set



Boys 100% cotton printed ‘dragon’ jinbei. Includes wrap around top and stretch waist pants.

Jinbei are made from a light cotton material which come as a top and bottom pair.

These traditional garments are designed to be super cool,  loose fitting and comortable for hot summer nights. This cool and airy design is created by using hatched gaps along the stitching.

Jinbei can be worn as pajamas and outside the home as casual wear. In Japan, you occasionally see people wearing cotton jinbei at festivals, or more commonly around hot springs.

Traditionally, Jinbei are unisex garments but have tended to be worn mostly by men and children. There have been many new designs made specifically for women, but the most popular is the more robe-like Yukata.


Large, Extra Large, Midium


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